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sports injuries & structural issues


Common conditions include head injuries and whiplash  resulting in brain fog and ongoing  structural challenges. Many people suffer a hit to the head, concussion, whiplash or maybe more serious injury with broken bones and brain damage.  Often it heals but the person has symptoms that last a lifetime.


The injured athlete and the accident survivor often suffer post-trauma injury syndromes which include chronic head, neck, spine and back pains, scoliosis and neurological dysfunction of one kind or another in various parts of the body.  Old horse riding and gymnastic injuries are also common complaints  that lead to ongoing structural issues and loss of integration.  Other common conditions treated include recurring hip, shoulder, knee and wrist problems.  


Using kinesiology and the N.O.T. system it is possible  to re-organise the neurology in the body and to support these structural problems and stabalise the nervous system.

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