About Carey 

Carey discovered kinesiology when she was at the end of her tether with her own emotional and physical challenges. Having suffered from a lifetime of anxiety, she was beginning to accept this as "her lot in life" and something she had to permanently "manage".  Despite experiencing temporarily relief through other therapies, it was clear the true cause was not addressed and her symptoms repeatedly returned and took control her life.


Her first massive breakthrough as a client of  kinesiology had Carey experience a profound shift in anxiety levels that were present since a young age due to childhood traumas and in-utero stress. She had been fear-driven for decades, and was often in fight/flight mode as a result of triggers that she was not consciously aware of.  Whilst she was "succesful" personally and professionally, she had to work very hard at overcoming anxiety and fear just to function. The changes with kinesiology allowed her to sleep better (no more nightmares!) and trust herself and the world in general.  Her ability to handle stress due to having more brain function meant life was more enjoyable and flowing rather than a hard slog. 


"I knew that I had to change my career path and become an expert in this amazing modality so that I may share it with others. Im so passionate about  helping others , particularly children to step out of fear and really live their lives.  Feeling safe is our birthright and our childhood should be fun and free, not filled with fea " says Carey.


Carey's professional kinesiology journey has included studying with some of the world's highest regarded Kinesiology instructors and mentors. Carey is an AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) mentor to Kinesiology students and practicing Kinesiologists. 


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Being a mother of two children aged 9 and 15, Carey has a passion for  working with kids and making a profound difference in their lives.



Diploma of Kinesiology

AKA Level 5 Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner

AKA Professional Kinesiology Mentor
Bachelor of Business (Marketing & HRM)


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