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digestive conditions


Digestive conditions treated include (but are not limited to) stomach burning/heartburn, reflux,  hiatal hernia, bloating/gas, ileocecal valve syndrome, constipation and swallowing difficulties.   When digestion is poor - whether in the stomach, small intestine, or large intestine, the body fails to break food down into its component parts for absorption. The jaw (T.M.J) is often overlooked as a major source of health problems, specifically digestion.  If one has had a cranial injury, had any dental work trauma to the jaw or long term stress of any kind (emotional or physical), the digestive circuit will likely be disorganized leading to long term digestive issues.


It is not uncommon for clients with digestive issues to also have a neurological skin deficit.  The way we are born into this world can have profound disruptive effects on our digestive system and can be the source of ongoing issues including constipation. I find that is this deficit exists and is balanced, profound changes can take place with regards to their digestion. Refer to Neurological Skin Balancing for further information on the system used for this deficit.


Using general kinesiology and specific modalities such as N.O.T (Neural Organisation Technique) the digestive system may be re-balanced, putting an end to uncomfortable symptoms that have often been present for several years. 

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