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Melbourne Children's Kinesiology Clinic  and NDIS


If your child  is on the NDIS disability plan, you may be able to access financial support to manage their condition  and improve their function and wellbeing long term. 


If your disability plan is managed by NDIA, there is currently  no provision for alternative health workers other than Physiotherapy/Social work/OT/Dietician /Podiatrist /Counsellor and other registered providers. 
However, if an NDIS participant chooses to ‘Self  Manage’ part or all of their funding they can use this funding as they choose, providing  it links in with their health plan objectives. (Look for ‘Capacity building supports” budget and “Improved daily living” category).


Many of my clients choose to self manage their NDIS funding and are therefore able to fast-track their child's brain integration seeing great improvement in their child's function both at home and at school. 
As a Paediatric Kinesiologist  specialising in Brain Integration ,   I can vouch for profound effects of this work:
- Subtle and non-intrusive techniques, easy on the body and tolerated by even the most sensory sensitive kids (believe it or not their Sensory systems will regulate with this work!)
- Parents, carers and teachers report children are more calm, regulated and clearly more integrated  and focussed after just one or two sessions.  
- Improvement of physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches,  and other aches and pains pains. 
Here is the link to an information page about self-managed NDIS plans

Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist
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