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Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist
Neurological Skin Reset


The way we are born into this world has a profound effect on several neurological systems and functions including (but not limited to)  the hormonal, digestive and immune  systems, skin condition and sexual function. If birth occurs via caesarian, in breech position or is too fast or high intervention, disruption to these functions can occur. The reason for this is that going through the birth canal in the normal process of birth you are heavily rubbed by your mother from head to foot. This activity establishes the normal neurological function throughout life. Everything has a purpose.


Those born via caesarian section will be much happier if they are "re-birthed" as soon as possible after birth even if this is not possible until weeks, months or several years after.  A large percentage of caesarian section and breech babies are colicy because their bowels  and digestion are not functioning properly.  The lack of normal skin direction can have certain reactions on the body longer term as children and adults:


  1. Very stressful to the body as it creates additional adrenal activity and has the body in a fight/flight mode and fearful or insecure , depending on circumstances. And/or:

  2. Has the reproductive system activated through the adrenal gland activity.


In either case because of the adrenal activity the bowel , stomach and thyroid function are suppressed.

Many children and adults who were born in this manner (via caesarian and/or fast/high intervention birth)  can  be uncomfortable with their bodies, have un-smooth or rough body skin and can suffer from skin conditions such as acne and eczema in addition to deficits in the other primary systems mentioned. They may experience ongoing difficulty "getting close" to someone, don't like people touching them or getting "in the space" and can sometimes feel a sense of being "separated from the world".  Almost like a cat who is pat against the direction of their fur.   They may  be less inclined to engage in physical  contact because their energy fields are confused.


 I use a profound process in clinic whereby the skin direction can be tested using muscle monitoring (kinesiology) and if it tests as "off" or not set  it is reset and the body's primary systems are balanced using N.O.T (Neural Organisation Technique) in relation to this.  This work alone can have major effects on children with skin issues such as acne and eczema,  hormonal imbalance  immune and digestive systems as well as one's ability  to move through life with more ease.

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