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Tantrums and Meltdowns

Excessive tantrums and meltdowns can be the symptom of a range of things relating to an immature central nervous system. Anything from the child’s in-utero experience; their birth, early trauma; auditory processing problems; sensory integration challenges; retained primitive reflexes; hormonal imbalance; geopathic stress; lack of adequate nutritional intake (such as essential fatty aides or zinc) ; allergies; family/school dynamic.… The list goes on!


Using Kinesiology and specific Brain Integration assessment and techniques I am able to determine the root cause of behaviours and balance specific brain areas so that your child is feeling safe in the world and not needing to use this behaviour to communicate. So much of this behaviour is an un-conscious process which is why Kinesiology is such a unique and amazing tool for behavioural concerns. I treat all ages of children in a discreet way so that the child is never shamed or embarrassed.

A pre-appointment questionnaire and phone consultation/s is made prior to the session so that there is no need to be discussing your child in front of them.   Many of my clients are on the Autistic Spectrum  (ASD), ADD or ADHD and I have a deep appreciation of the sensitivities they may have.

Please print out and complete the Child Medical History Form  (found below) prior to your first appointment:

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