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               Distance Kinesiology 

Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist

Due to  COVID-19 and the risk to public health,  all Kinesiology sessions are now performed via Distance.  Distance Kinesiology has been around just as long as Kinesiology itself and the results are equally magical.


How does it Distance Kinesiology work? 

The session is completed using a surrogate on your child's behalf.  The session takes place just as it would in person , however I am muscle testing and balancing another person who is surrogating for your child.   This person is my partner Peter who is a fellow Kinesiologist. Peter and I are in the fortunate position of specialising in brain integration and we have had amazing results working on our respective clients interstate and around the world using this method.

If I (or my child) is not coming to you in person, how do you know what to work with? 

When booking your session, you complete a form outlining your priority (what it is you wish for me to work with) in this session. If you are an existing client, I will  also be reviewing your/your child's file, and taking notes throughout the session,  just as I would if you were coming in for a face to face session. 

How will I know what you have done & when would I expect results? 

Immediately after the session I will Email you a de-brief of what specific stressors were found and the work that was carried out to balance this out.

The results/changes occur at the same speed as when working in person  - it is simply energy after all .

What is the cost and how do I book? The cost for Distance Kinesiology is $375 to be paid via online banking. 

To book, simply complete the attached form online which will be submitted to me directly.



You will receive at text confirming the booking which will also contain bank details for payment. 

By submitting the form this confirms your booking, and the session will be scheduled within 1-4 days. If you prefer to email me or brief me in person before the session, please feel free to call me directly. 

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