Specialising in Kinesiology with a Paediatric focus for  children & teenagers 

Treating the root cause of anxiety, panic attacks and fight/flight response 

Anxiety & Stress Management

 Treatment for behavioural concerns in children of all ages.  

Behavioural Issues

Treatment for range of  brain integration issues including learning, memory and concentration challenges

Learning Difficulties

Treatment of recurring Immune issues including infections, eczema, acne and other skin conditions

Immunity Issues

Treatment for colic, reflux, constipation,  other childhood digestive complaints.

Digestive Conditions

Treatment of conditions such as menstrual cycle irregularities and fertility

Hormonal & Reproductive Issues

Treatment for headaches/migraines, hip alignment, scoliosis, gait other structural conditions.

Structural concerns

Treatment of head injuries, whiplash  and  structural complaints. To reduce pain & enhance performance

Sports Injuries & Performance

Profound technique for the treatment of diverse neurological systems and functions.

Neurological Skin Reset

Our Therapies

In addition to general kinesiology, the main therapies (modalities) used are N.O.T (Neural Organisational Technique), N.S.I (Neuro Spiritual Integration), LEAP (Learning Acupressure Program), N.K. (Neuroenergetic Kinesiology),

A.P. (Applied Physiology) and RMT (Reflex Integration Program).

Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist
Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist
Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist


Neural Organisational



Neuro Spiritual



Learning Acupressure









Reflex Integration


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology combines ancient Chinese medical theory and the Five Element Theory of Chinese acupressure with Western Chiropractic methods.  The major tool used in kinesiology is muscle monitoring, a form of direct biofeedback.   The muscle response provides information feedback which can take the form of verbal content, structural imbalance, nutritional imbalance, energetic imbalance, psychoemotional imbalance and spritual imbalance.


When a session begins with a client,  the information regarding the presenting issue is advised, but the causal factors underlying the issue are at this stage, unknown. However, quite quickly the client's muscle biofeedback can identify the type of stressor involved and the therapeutic techniques required to effectively address this stressor. The client's  body is already aware of what it needs to heal. Kinesiology can facilitate the information in order to aid the profound healing process. And profound, it is!

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