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hormonal & reproductive issues


Treating hormonal issues such as growth delay in children, painful periods, headaches  and acne. Also for women - bringing back hormonal cycles leading to conception.


Under stress (when in fight/flight) your hormonal system functions inefficiently and glands such as the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and pancreas are affected. These changes can further impact  growth, metabolism and the reproductive system. In the case of trying to conceive, both members of the party can be balanced to make for a conducive fertile environment.


It is not uncommon for clients with hormonal challenges (whether this be a teenager or grown adult) to also have a neurological skin deficit.  The way we are born into this world can have profound disruptive effects on our hormonal system and can be the source of ongoing skin, hormonal and fertility issues. I find that is this deficit exists and is balanced, profound changes can take place with regards to their hormonal stability. Refer to Neurological Skin Balancing for further information on my system for this deficit.


Using kinesiology hormones are balanced utilising a combination of NOT (Neural Organisational Technique), N.S.I (Neuro Spiritual Integration) and AP (Applied Physiology) to balance the endocrine system and stabilise  hormone levels which can result in life changing outcomes such as increased growth, reduction in acne , painful periods and in the case of adults trying to conceive - pregnancy 

Bayside Kinesiology | Carey Brauer Kinesiologist
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